Erich Kaliwoda, Austria

Meine DJ-Tätigkeit begann ich vor

mehreren Jahren, nachdem ich

angefangen hatte, mich auch als

Tänzer intensiver mit der Musik zu

beschäftigen. Ich liebe es, stunden-

lang den wunderbaren Tangos

der Època de Oro zu lauschen und

auf immer neue Feinheiten zu stoßen. 

Meine persönlichen Favoriten sind das Orchester Juan d’Arienzo und natürlich viele andere Tangos der 30er und 40er Jahre.  

Würde man mich fragen, was ich bevorzuge: tanzen oder Musik für eine Milonga auswählen, würde mir eine Entscheidung schwerfallen.

Patricia Maria Santos

Patrícia was born and raised

in Porto (Portugal) and discovered

tango in 1995. Five years later she

started Djing at milongas and

never stopped doing so.

As a milonguera she is very much

aware of the importance of good

music to have a great dance.

Choosing the right orchestras at the right time allows her to keep the ronda orderly and to create an unique feeling of sharing between milongueros that, in that moment and space can (re)find themselves. She also organize a milonguero meeting called 'Ensueños'."

Torsten Krück, Hamburg D

My heart beats with Troilo, my feet play

with Donato – the music of the golden

age moves me also when I am Dj-ing.

I strive to arrange an energising mixture

that keeps you dancers glued to the dancefloor:

simple and complex, romantic and rhythmic,

cheerful and dramatic. 

Irma Gross (Basel, CH)
Irma's connection to Tango is strong…

Her background as a musician with classical

formation influences her work with Tango -

She has been the first violin of Tango-Orquesta

“Silencio” for many years, she is a Tango DJ

for 19 years and runs her own Milonga in Basel.

Living partly in Switzerland and partly in

Argentina for many years, her selection of

music is strongly influenced by what is being

played at the moment at the Milongas of

Buenos Aires - adapting to European needs and preferences.

Her concept is to carefully choose the music according to the feel of each event and she composes her Tandas in the moment, adapting the style to suit the audience. During weekend-Events Irma is also aware of what the DJs before her are playing to offer a wider variety for the audience. Beside all this, Irma is a Milonguera, a musician of Argentinian Tango and Folklore, and she has her own brand of Argentinian Tango shoes MUNAY. Irma organises two Encuentro Milongueros in Basel, "Tres Besos" and "Bomboncito".

Nick King, GB

First and foremost I am a dancer,

so when I DJ I start with the idea

that I only play music that makes me

want to dance. If it doesn’t move me, it

doesn’t get played. My aim as a DJ is to

make the dancers I play for leave the

milonga with aching feet and with smiles

on their faces.

If I can do this then I have done my job.

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